Seal Cove

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Operations are carried out according to an approved Farm Management Plan. The site is subject to regular inspections by various folks at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). The site has been, or is occasionally, inspected by others such as; Federal Ministry of Environment, Provincial Integrated Land Management Bureau, Sechelt Nation archaeologist, etc.

The DFO carry out regular water sample tests at the site and are tasked with halting/resuming harvesting based upon these tests. Naturally occurring PSP is the most obvious reason for testing water quality and occasionally results in a brief closure.

The Farm Management Plan for this site is primarily focused on deep water, suspended culture. This is done via trays suspended from rafts (singles for half-shell market) and by long-lines (cultch for shucking). Some product is hardened, or temporarily stored, on small beaches within the site.